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How we started

In commemoration of Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of Independence, Lasco, Idea Factory Limited, Rootz Underground and celebrity friends officially launched a national environmental awareness programme consisting of a school tour and competition, dubbed the Lasco-Rootz Releaf Environmental Awareness Program (R.E.A.P), engaging schools across Jamaica.


What we do
The environmental awareness-building programme targets primary school level children with the goal of facilitating an increase in the children’s participation in environmentally friendly activities and increasing awareness of the lifestyle/environment correlation.
How it's done
The Environmental Practices judged includes:
Tree Planting, Recycling & Energy Conservation, Gardening, Anti-Littering campaigns, Plastic Bottle Collection and also involves Artistic & Performing Arts components such as dance, poetry, short stories, dub poems, songs and posters.


The Lasco Releaf Environmental Awareness Program (R.E.A.P.)

is a recycling, conservation & tree planting initiative in
schools across Jamaica.

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